domenica 4 luglio 2010


(translated from albanian in english by Brunilda Ternova)

Image: Anri Sala
Who is afraid of red, yellow and green, 2008
Video (2:35 Min.), Loop; Ed. 6
Courtesy of Johnen Galerie, Berlin

On 23 June 2010 - 19:00 pm The Promenade Gallery presents the collective exhibition "Who Is Afraid Of The Red Yellow and Green" with the participation of artists Alban Muja, Adrian Paci, Anri Sala, Artan Shabani, Driant Zeneli and Fani Zguro.
The exhibition consists of presenting the works of some of the most active Albanian artists on the international context. The title is related to one of the works presented in the exhibition, Anri Sala’s video "Who Is Afraid of Red Yellow and Green", realized in 2008. In this video the artist handles fixed plans through an absurd situation where a spider weaves its nest on the traffic-light, without fearing the tension that the lights create. An ironic situation, that resemble the difficult and complicated process which contemporary artists must face today, such as art and the system of rules that it dictates.

Meanwhile the artist from Kosova, Alban Muja, partecipates with the picture "Catch Me" accomplished during his residence in Santa Fe Institution in 2007; in the picture the artist himself is caught running in the desert, challenging everything with enthusiasm. 

Adrian Paci partecipates with the video "Nodody is Romantic Anymore" which tells the story of an Albanian who lives and works as an artist in New York. Not dramatizing the situations, Paci rather converse with the artist testing carefully the dilemmas and suggestions of the latter.

 Artan Shabani, presents two photographs, “The Singing Lions,” whose focus is the dialectics between the influence and consumption of architecture on/by human beings. The music within nature, like frame of history. And yet, ephemeral signifier for the time, already evicted from naturemonument of the dethroned moment, memory’s rust on history. Lacking the shape of any natural object, the memory lives like a parasite within theevoking sound and the sound retransfers within nature thehistory (the past) along with contingent projects of objects, the missing bodies (or which are not the same).

Driant Zeneli
, presents the video,''The Dream Of Icarus Was to Make a Cloud''.  An action – the creation of a small cloud, something that happens millions of times on earth – is almost impossible without sophisticated aeronautical equipment. However,Zeneli  considers it fundamental to try, to share with the spectator adream similar to that of Icarus. Boarded on a paraglider, the artist creates a cirrus cloud that lastsa few seconds before dissolving with the mountain wind. At that point, the paraglider is already off-camera and no traces remain of the artist and the utopia he wished to give us.

Fani Zguro partecipates with the picture "To Divide It", which tells a story of the past, such as: how teenagers, in order to save money, used to transform a cigarette into a ruler for being equal with the smoke.

The exhibition "“Who Is Afraid of Red Yellow and Green” will remain open to the public until 31 August 2010 at The Promenade Gallery, Boulevard Skelë Uji i Ftohtë, 9401, Vlora.

Address: Bulevardi Skele Uji i Ftohte, 9401 Vlora (Albania)
Mob 1: 00355 69 29 12 759 (AL)
Mob 2: 0039 347 72 86 203 (IT)

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